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Track 1: Medalist Symposia

1.1 Prager Medal Symposium Learn More 1.2 Taylor Medal Symposium Learn More 1.3 Engineering Science Medal Symposium Learn More 1.4 SES Honorary Symposium Learn More

Track 2: Fluid Mechanics and Granular Media

2.1 Multi-Physical Processes in Granular Media: Experiments, Theory, and Modeling Learn More 2.2 AI for Fluid Dynamics Learn More 2.3 Bio-fluid and Bio-inspired Fluid Mechanics Learn More 2.4 Novel Properties and Applications of Granular Metamaterials Learn More 2.5 Fluid Mechanics for Wind Energy Harvesting Learn More

Track 3: Biomechanics and Biomaterials

3.1 Multiscale Studies of the Mechanics of Growth and Remodeling Learn More 3.2 Mechanobiology Across Scales: Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Mechanics Learn More 3.3 Bioinspired Self-healing Structural Materials Learn More 3.4 Biological, Bio-inspired, and Biomedical Materials and Applications Learn More 3.5 Plant and Fungal Biomechanics Learn More 3.6 Emergent Behavior in Active Matter Learn More

Track 4: Machine Learning and Multiscale Simulations

4.1 Mechanics and Modeling of Multi-scale Inelasticities in Geomaterials Learn More 4.2 Advances in Multiscale Modeling and Nanomechanics Learn More 4.3 Atomistic Modelling for Advanced Alloys Learn More 4.4 AI for Architected Materials Learn More 4.5 Machine Learning and Multiscale Modeling for Complex Materials and Structures Learn More 4.6 Computational Design Methods for Optimizing Materials and Structures Learn More

Track 5: Robotics

5.1 Dynamics and Control of Continuum and Soft Robots Learn More 5.2 Physical Intelligence for Soft Robotics Learn More 5.3 Tactile Sensing and Feedback for Human-Machine Interactions Learn More 5.4 Origami/Kirigami Robotics Learn More 5.5 Mini-Invasive Robotic Manipulation: from Medical to Industrial Applications Learn More 5.6 Intelligent Structures for Robotics Learn More

Track 6: Soft Matter and Electronics

6.1 Bio-Inspired Soft Composites: Structures, Mechanics, and Applications Learn More 6.2 Mechanics and Physics of Soft Materials Learn More 6.3 Extreme Soft Materials by Polymer-Network Design Learn More 6.4 Design, Manufacturing, and Applications of Adaptable Soft Materials Learn More 6.5 Soft Electronics: Mechanics, Materials, Manufacture and Devices Learn More 6.6 Functional and Programmable Soft Composites-Design, Mechanics, and Manufacturing Learn More 6.7 Multiscale Modeling and Mechanics of Soft Matter and Hierarchical Materials Learn More 6.8 --- Merge to 6.6 Learn More 6.9 Adhesion, Friction, and Fracture at Soft Interfaces: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment Learn More

Track 7: Metamaterials and Architected Materials

7.1 Advances in the Mechanics of Architected Materials Learn More 7.2 Hierarchical Materials: Mechanical design, Manufacturing, and Applications Learn More 7.3 Origami/Kirigami-inspired Meta-structures and Metamaterials Learn More 7.4 Controlling Mechanical Waves with Metamaterials Learn More 7.5 Underwater Acoustic Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications Learn More 7.6 Mechanical Metamaterials with Quasi-/Absolute Zero Stiffness Learn More

Track 8: Advances in Manufacturing

8.1 Unique Deformation and Failure Mechanics of 3D Printing Materials Learn More 8.2 Mechanics and Physics of Additive Manufacturing Learn More 8.3 Intelligent Manufacturing of Materials and Structures by Solid-liquid Interactions Learn More

Track 9: Instability and Failure of Materials

9.1 Instabilities in Solids and Structures Learn More 9.2 Multistability in Metamaterials, Structures and Robots Learn More 9.3 Complex Failure Mechanics of Materials Learn More 9.4 Ductile Failure: Experimental Characterization and Modeling of (non-) Proportional Loading Paths Learn More 9.5 Multi-field Coupled Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Learn More 9.6 Structural Signature of Elasticity, Plasticity, and Fracture in Disordered Materials Learn More 9.7 Friction, Fracture, and Damage of Quasi-Brittle Solids and Weak Interfaces Learn More 9.8.Microstructural Mechanisms of Plasticity and Ductile Fracture Learn More

Track 10: Mechanics of Materials and Structures

10.1 Mechanics of Thin Films and Multilayered Structures Learn More 10.2 Micromechanics, Biomechanics, and Mathematical Modeling of Materials Learn More 10.3 High-Entropy Alloys and Metallic Glasses: From Local Structures to Mechanical and Physical Properties Learn More 10.4 Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments Learn More 10.5 EML 10th Anniversary Symposium (Invitation Only) Learn More 10.6 Collective Machines, from Micro to Macro Learn More 10.7 Electrochemo-Mechanical of Energy Materials Learn More 10.8 Mechanics of Batteries Learn More 10.9 Mechanics and Materials in Interdisciplinary Science: Honoring the Contributions of Prof. Wei Yang (Invitation Only) Learn More 10.10 Multi-Physics and Machine Learning for Energy Storage Learn More 10.11 Morphing Matters: Inspiration, Mechanics, Computation, Design, Fabrication, and Applications Learn More